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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Thalipeeth Bhajani / Roasted Multi Grain Flour Mix Recipe / Maharashtrian Cuisine

Thalipeeth is a typical Maharashtrian pancake . This savoury snack made using multi-grain flour is a powder house of nutrition. It is perfect blend of taste and health. This delicious snack happens to be my family’s favorite breakfast menu.

The multi-grain flour mix used for making Thalipeeth is called Thalipeeth Bhajani in Marathi as it is made after individually dry roasting the whole grains and then grinding them together into a powder. A typical Maharashtrian household will surely have a stock of Thalipeeth Bhajani in its Kitchen pantry. This multi-grain flour mix is very handy and it can be used in making many other delicious snacks like Bhajaniche Vade and  Kothambir Wadi apart from Thalipeeth.
One can find lots of variety in the thalipeeth bhajini recipe and the proportion of the grains used may varry from household to household. Here I am sharing my mom’s recipe of Thalipeeth Bhajani . The recipe calls for use of Pearl millet , Sorghum , Rice , Wheat , split Bengal Gram , skinned and split black gram. The flour is flavored using Coriander and Cumin seeds. This multi-grain flour mix can be made in large batches and stored in airtight containers as it has a good shelf life of 2-3 months. 
Ingredients: Measurement used – 1 cup =200 ml
  • 4 cup Bajra (Pearl Millet)
  • 2 cup Gheu ( Wheat)
  • 2 cup Chaval (Rice)
  • 2 cup Jowar (Sorghum)
  •  1 ½ cup Chana dal (Split Bengal gram)
  •  1 cup dhuli Urad dal (Skinned and split Black gram)
  • 1  cup Coriander seeds
  •  ¾ cup Cumin Seeds

  1.   Heat a heavy bottom wok and dry roast all the ingredients one by one on a low to medium flame until golden brown in color.

  2.  The roasting of grains gives a nice aroma and will make your house smell good. 

   3. Allow the grains and spices to cool down completely. Now grind them together to a fine powder in a powder mill . Allow the flour also to cool down and then store it in an airtight container and use as per need.

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  1. Thanks poonam...my search comes to an end here to find perfect multi grain thalipeeth bhajini

    1. Thanks Sripriya fir the positive feedback. I am glad you liked the post.

  2. Hi, How do you make the White butter? Where will I get it?