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About Me


   Welcome to Annapurna - my blog on healthy and nutritious  home cooked food.
Annapurna (in Sanskrit means giver of  food and nourishment) is a Hindu Goddess of  Nourishment.

My name is  Poonam Bachhav and I have recently moved to Penang ( Malaysia). Hailing from a typical Maharashtrian family from India, no doubt the flavors of Maharashtra reflect very distinctly in my cooking.

    For me , my mother Mrs Mangala Pagar is a true inspiration in cooking. I have grown up seeing her cook variety of dishes, mostly authentic and I feel passion for cooking is in my genes.

     I am a Microbiologist by profession and quit my job to take care of my son and was enjoying being a good home maker and cooking variety of dishes for my family and friends..until when some of my buddies in Penang..Gulshan , Kajal and Seema who motivated me to step out of my comfort zone and pen my recipes and cooking tips. Blessed to have such wonderful people around me!

    I believe in cooking fresh food  every day without any artificial additives and preservatives. Try to keep my recipes simple with very little and easily available ingredients.

  The recipes posted here are collective from my mother, my cook book, other blogs, friends...but all tried and well tested recipes, mostly home cooked every day meals with a conscious effort on what is going into the pot and in the body as well.

     Feel free to experiment and create your own version of the recipes posted here..because at the end of the day the taste which suits our family is what should matter  and remember the key ingredient to any cooking is to enjoy it !

Thank you for visiting here.

    For any suggestions or queries , you can mail me at poonampagar@gmail.com



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