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Friday, 26 August 2016

Baked Sathumaavu Veggie Crackers Recipe

Sathu Maavu is the nutritious health mix powder given to babies and toddlers. Made with over 12 natural ingredients( like Rice, Black Urad Dal , Green Gram , Roasted Gram , Moong Dal , Masoor dal , Wheat Dalia , Sago , Horse gram , Corn , Almonds Cashew , Elaichi) ,  Sathumaavu is a super food for babies as it is full of carbohydrates , vitamins, proteins and minerals . A good source of dietary fiber, iron , calcium , molybdenum , magnesium and antioxidants, this health mix is an excellent weight gaining food for babies and toddlers.

Many smart mommies feed their babies and toddlers with this super food in the form of sweet and savoury porridge . But how about making some yummy crackers from this health mix ? Yes we can make tasty crackers using Sathu Maavu . These colorful crackers are made using vegetables like beet root and spinach and are baked ! I have made these crackers using organic Sathumaavu Mix from MyLittleMoppetsfoods. The crackers turned out crunchy and flavorful .Believe me the crackers will disappear in no time . Not only kids , even adults can enjoy these healthy crackers as tea time snacks.

 Check out my recipe to these healthy baked Sathumaavu veggie crackers with step wise pictures at Baked Sathumaavu Veggie Crackers

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