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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Kairi Panha / Raw Mango Drink Recipe

Kairicha Panha is a traditional Maharashtrian raw mango drink . It is called Aam (mango) Panna in Hindi. One can find this healthy and refreshing summer coolant drink in almost every house in Maharashtra in hot summer months of March and April when , raw mango is easily available. A perfect thirst quencher ,  Kairi Panha is offered to guest as a welcome drink. It is also in the fixed menu of Chaitra Gauri Haldi kumkum and is served along with Kairichi Dal.

Traditionally Raw mango is peeled and steamed either in an open vessel or in a pressure cooker. The pulp is mashed with Jaggery and flavored with crushed cardamom. Jaggery is generally added in 1:1 ratio to the pulp . But you can adjust the quantity depending on sourness of raw mango and as per your taste. I have not added salt to this drink, you may add rock salt and black pepper powder or saffron strands as a variation. The thick pulp so obtained is then diluted with water and served as Kairi Panha. The pulp can be stored in refrigerator for about a month and used as per need. I generally prepare in small batches.

Try out this healthy and refreshing summer drink to replace the store bought artificial cold drinks this summer. This drink also keeps the body hydrated during Chaitra Navratra fasts (vrat).

  • 2- Raw Mango / Kairi
  • 1/2 cup Jaggery ( powdered or grated)
  • 1/2 tsp green Cardamom powder
  1. Wash the raw mangoes, peel them and place them in a vessel. Put this vessel inside a cooker with water and cook the mangoes for 2-3 whistles or until they are soft. 

  2. Let the mangoes cool down and then remove the seed and collect the pulp and weigh it. I got 1/2 cup pulp from 2 mangoes. weigh equal amount of grated or crushed jaggery and blend the two by mashing with hand( traditionally done this way), or you can put them in a blender, but color will turn whitish, if using a blender, you may use a manual whisker instead to do so.

  3. In the end , add the cardamom powder, mix well. The thick pulp is ready. You may refrigerate the pulp and use as per need. 

  4. While serving , dilute the pulp with water. You can fill about 1/4 of a glass with the pulp and top with cold water , ( if making for more people, add 1 full glass of pulp to 3 glasses of water ), stir well and the super refreshing and delicious drink is ready !

   I hope you would replace the store bought artificial cold drinks with this  healthy summer coolant. Do not forget to give your valuable feed back.