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Saturday, 10 October 2015

Chili Paratha / South Indian Street Food / Vegetarian Recipe

Chili Paratha is a famous Street food and a favorite at many restaurants across South India. It is essentially a plain paratha , shredded into small bite-sized pieces mixed with sauteed Onion, Capsicum and chili powder. It is usually garnished with spring Onions or Coriander leaves. Often, this dish is served with raita or salted Yogurt in restaurants.
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In restaurants, the shredded paratha pieces are dipped into thin cornflour batter and deep fried to make them crispy and then are sautted with Onions and Capsicum. To cut down extra calories of deep frying , i simply toasted the shredded pieces of paratha on a heated skillet from both the sides on low flame. This made them crispy. I treat myself with this Chili Paratha whenever i have spicy cravings.

This Chili Paratha recipe is the best way to use the left over Paratha or chapati. I have already shared the Instant Chapati Ladoo recipe which uses left over chapati to make tasty ladoos. This Chili Paratha is the spicy way of using left over chapati or paratha. It is a fiery hot and tasty dish and can be made in very less time. There is no fixed recipe for this , you can use tomatoes, green peas, carrots etc and make this dish more filling. Also the spice level can be increased or decreased as per our choice. I used home made Schezwan Sauce to make the dish spicy. You may use store bought chili sauce and / or Soy sauce or just red chili powder to spice up the dish. Here , i am sharing the vegetarian version. This Chili Paratha can also be made with egg and chicken and is called Kothu parotta.

  • 2-3 left over Chapati or Parathas
  • 1 Capsicum chopped length wise
  • 1 Onion sliced
  • 2-3 pods of Garlic finely chopped
  • 1/2 inch piece of Ginger chopped length wise
  • Few Spring Onion Greens finely chopped for garnishing
  • 2-3 green Chilies slit length wise
  • 1 tbsp Schezwan Sauce
  • 1/2 tsp black Pepper powder
  • 2 tbsp Oil
  • Salt to taste
  1. Cut the left over Chapati or Paratha into bite size pieces using a scissor or simply tear it apart into small pieces.

   2.  On a heated skillet spread these shredded paratha and toast for 2-3 minutes on low flame . Toss in between so that paratha bits get evenly toasted.

   3.  Meanwhile chop the veggies and keep ready.

   4.  Heat up Oil in a wok and add Garlic and Ginger. Saute them on high flame. Now lower the flame to medium and add the Green chilies followed by the Onions. Saute them for 1 minute or so.

 5. Add the Capsicum and Schezwan sauce and stir fry on medium to high heat.

 6. Now to this , add the toasted paratha pieces and mix well . Season it with Salt and Pepper to taste, You may add other sauces and chili powder at this stage. Somehow i feel adding many sauces makes the dish soggy , which i do not like.

 7. Put off the flame and garnish the Chili Paratha with spring Onion greens and serve. Enjoy this fiery-hot dish hot hot with chilled Raita !!

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