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Saturday, 21 March 2015

Miracle Drink - ABC Juice

Apple Beet root and carrot (ABC) Juice    
The name ABC stands for Apple Beetroot and Carrot juice. This delicious , healthy and filling drink is very easy to make and is the daily punch of antioxidants, powerful enzymes and nutrients, I give my family at the breakfast table. A quick recipe for all the fitness freak to have a healthy start and for me as well to open a blog !

It is a Liver tonic, an alkalising magic drink and an immunity booster. It delays ageing enormously, strengthens eye muscles and enhances vision and gives a healthy glow and a pink blush. Apart from the endless benefits of this magic drink,  the brilliant red colour and the sweet taste of this juice is what makes it appealing to people of all age groups.

All you need for 1 tall glass of Magic Drink :
  •   1 large Apple 
  •   1/2  small beet root peeled and cut to small chunks
  •   2 large carrots peeled and cut into pieces
  •   1" piece of Ginger (peeled)
  •   lemon juice
  •   1 medium cucumber (peeled)/ optional
Directions:    Blend all the above ingredients in a juicer and serve immediately.. just  easy as ABC..

  •  For those who do not have a juicer, add all the ingredients to a grinder with little water( add coconut water for more benefits)  and strain it with a strainer.
  •  For variations, you can use green Apple instead of red for sour taste.
  • The quantity of the three key ingredients of the juice can be changed as per taste. My son does not like the after taste of beetroot , so I have used it little less in this juice.
  • Juices can be consumed throughout the day , but the best time to have this miracle drink is early morning on an empty stomach.
  • For better results, consume the juice immediately after making it.


  1. Well presented Poonam..this is just the begining...will be looking forward for tips and recipes more to come

    1. Will definitely try to stand up to your expectations..Thanks

  2. Miracle Food Drink is a Healthy Herbal drink for kids to strengthen the bones and teeth of the body.

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