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Saturday, 28 September 2019

Green Apple Mint Chutney

Green Apple Mint Chutney is a flavorful dip to enjoy this fall season . Made from healthy goodness of green apples, fresh mint leaves, and few basic Indian spices , this no-cook, vegan and gluten-free dip is a breeze to make. This is also an onion-garlic free, oil-free phalahari chutney which can be had as a fasting food during festivals like Ekadashi and Navratri. This green apple mint chutney is mildly sweet in taste as i have added little jaggery powder to it, is a bit sour and gets a spicy kick from the green chily. You can serve this lip smacking dip with any savory snack like fritters or cutlets. I have served it with a falhari baked papdi made from water chestnut flour. 

It is September end, and markets here are flooded with variety of Apples. Of all those, sweet and sour green apples are our favourite. These apples from Himachal Pradesh are light green in color and tart when raw and turn golden in color on ripening and give a lovely sweet and sour taste and are very juicy. Apart from having them as whole, we enjoy these beauties in tarts, pickles, and muffins. A few days back i shared a Pumpkin Apple Muffins recipe and now i am back with this flavorful green apple mint chutney.

Actually , when Sasmita who is a sweet odia girl and a talented blogger friend suggested apples as the #75th theme for our Facebook gourmet group, Healthy Wellthy Cuisine, i knew i will be using the season fresh green apples in the recipe. Participating bloggers share recipes on this group every fortnightly on pre-decided themes. Meanwhile, do check out Sasmita's blog, Firsttimercook for some authentic Odia food and scrumptious vegan dishes from around the globe. 

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Green Apples are sweet and sour in taste and have a lot of health and beauty benefits. They are packed with nutrients, fiber, minerals and vitamins that are good for overall health. Lets have a look at few health benefits of including green apples into our diet. source
  • Increases metabolism : rich in dietary fiber, green apples help in increasing the body's metabolism and helps in the detoxification process. make sure you consume the green apples along with their peels to reap maximum benefits.
  • Low in fat : Green apples have low fat content and help in maintaining good blood flow in the body. This improved circulation can prevent heart diseases and strokes.
  • Rich Source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C: Green apples are an excellent source of vitamin c which keeps the skin cells away from getting damaged by free radicals and also decrease the risk of skin cancer. They are also loaded with vitamin A content which helps in maintaining good vision.
  • Good For Bones: Apart from being an excellent source of various vitamins and minerals, green apples are quite rich in calcium content as well. Eating a green apple every day can strengthen bones and teeth.
  • Fights against Ageing:  Green apples have other added benefits as well. They help in slowing down the ageing process and enhance overall beauty. They also help in proper nourishment of the skin and eliminate dark circles to a great extent.

Preparation time: 5 minutes
Cooking time: nil
Serves: 3-4

  • 1 medium to large green apple
  • Handful of fresh mint leaves
  • 1 green chilly
  • 1/2 teaspoon black pepper powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon roasted cumin powder
  • 1 teaspoon jaggery powder (optional)
  • Rock salt to taste


  1. Wash, core and roughly chop the green apple. Wash the fresh mint leaves.
  2. Transfer the apple and the mint leaves to a chutney jar of a grinder along with other ingredients,black pepper, green chilly, roasted cumin powder, rock salt and  jaggery powder, if using.
  3. Pulse 2-3 times without adding any water.

  4. Your lip smacking no-cook green apple chutney is ready to serve !

Recipe Notes:

  • Addition of jaggery is optional, but i would recommend it as it balance the tartness of apples and spice from the green chilies.
  • Do not add any water while pulsing the chutney.
  • Core and chop the apples just before making the chutney as they turn to change the color very fast.
  • Do not peel the apples as the peel is rich in fiber.
  • Use fresh mint leaves in this chutney.
  • Skip green chilly if making this chutney for small kids.
  • You can easily double the recipe as per the need.
  • The chutney remains good for 1-2 days on refrigeration in an air tight container. However i recommend making it in small batches as it just takes a couple of minutes to whip up this dip.
  • You may use any variety of green apple to make this chutney.
  • If not making for fast you may add a small onion to this dip while grinding as variation.
  • You may add fresh coriander leaves as well along with mint leaves if you wish.
If you like the recipe and ever try it, feel free to share your feedback with us. Would love to know your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below. Follow us on #Facebook  #Instagram ,  #Twitter,#Pinterest and #Google+  for more recipes and new updates. 

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  1. Wow so yummy tangy and flavourful chutney. Super yummy. Loved detailed post. Definitely me gonna try it soon. Sounds so tempting

    1. Thank you Ruchi. Do give it a try and share your feedback with us.

  2. Apple mint chutney sounds a perfect side with cutlets, Paranthas and even Pulao..omit green chilies it is a good option of kids too.. loved this detailed post ad chutney looks so yumm

    1. Absolutely Swaty. This flavorful apple mint chutney is very versatile and can be paired with many snack dishes.Thank you.

  3. Ahaaaa, its so flavorful Poonam. i will try sure this combination chutney. Apple and mint must have a tempting taste

    1. Yes, Sasmita. This chutney tastes great. Do give it a try.

  4. Looks super tempting dear!!! I can just imagine the mild and tangy sweetness apples lend to the dish. Absolutely delicious with any dish; dosas and idles too I am sure👌☺️

    1. Thank you so much. I am glad you liked it. Do give it a try.

  5. Wow!!! This sounds super simple and super delicious. Will definitely try this.

    1. Thank you. Looking forward to your feedback once you try it.