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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Kiwi Strawberry Orange Popsicles

The weather here in Mohali has been very harsh for the past few days with mercury rising to above 40 degree Celsius. It is our first summer in Punjab and i just hope we find ways to keep ourselves cool and hydrated. As far as food is concerned , i try to keep the meals simple and light. Refreshing salads and summer coolants make up for the in between snack while Ice cream and Matka Kulfi make their way after dinner. 

But then weight watchers like me just cannot have ice cream every day :(  So made these refreshing Kiwi Strawberry Orange Popsicle with the goodness of real fruits. Made from fresh fruits these ice pops are light and healthy and just perfect summer treats . It hardly takes 5-7 minutes to assemble the popsicle molds with chopped fruits and freshly squeezed orange juice. About 1-2 hours of freezing and you are done. 

These home made fresh fruit popsicles are not only easy to make but also healthy as they do not have the added sugar as most of the store bought pops have , and so are guilt free. You can mix and match berries with your favourite fruit . Coconut water , pineapple or lime juice can be used instead of orange juice as variation. Involve your kids in  making this refreshing and delicious fruit ice pops for the added fun :)

Makes: 4 medium fruit Popsicle
Preparation Time: 5 minutes + freezing time

  • 3 - 4 oranges
  • 2 Kiwis
  • 5-7 Strawberries
Method :

  1. Squeeze out juice from the oranges using a hand or electric juicer .Wash , peel and slice or chop the kiwis. Also wash , hull and slice or chop the strawberries.

   2. Arrange sliced or chopped fruits inside the popsicle mold. Use disposable plastic glasses if you do not have molds. 

  3. Pour just enough orange juice into each mold to cover the fruit.

  4. Insert popsicle stick and freeze until frozen solid, for about 1-2 hours.

  5. To remove from the mold, just run the popsicle mold under warm water . 

  6.  Enjoy the refreshing fruit pospsicles with your loved ones and watch them vanish :)

  • Use disposable plastic glasses , if you do not have a popsicle mold. Insert a stick in the center of each glass after the pospsicle has turned semi hard , say about after 45 minutes of freezing.
  • Mix and match any berry or fresh fruit of your choice to make popsicle.
  • Pineapple juice , coconut water or lime juice can be added in place of orange juice as variation.


  1. Lovely presentation and such an innovation.

  2. So cool - Jayanthi

  3. So colorful, so tempting and so summery. Perfect kiwi strawberry orange popsicles to beat the heat. Absolutely guilt free and healthy.