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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Dry Fruits laddoo / Dinkache Ladoo / Antina Unde / Gaund ke laddu Recipe

Dry Fruits Laddoo

Dry Fruits Laddoo is very traditional and healthy Indian sweet delicacy. This ladoos provide warmth to the body and hence are eaten during winter season. They are also given to the nursing mothers as it helps to increase lactation . These laddoos are often prepared during Diwali festival and also made for bhog during Janmashtami.

 Dry fruit laddoo is called by different names, it is called Dinkache ladoo in Marathi, termed as Gaund ke laddu or Panjiri in North India, Antina Unde in kanadda. Also there is no fixed recipe for these laddoos.. we can prepare them using whole wheat flour, dry fruits of your choice, ghee and sugar. We can also add fenu greek seeds ( methi dana) in these Gaund ke ladoos , can replace ghee with oil, sugar with jaggery.. can make them totally oil free and sugar free by adding figs and dates in them etc..

   Dry fruit laddoos are very delicious and flavourful. They have rich taste and may sound heavy on calories, but having one with warm milk for breakfast during winter season provides needed warmth and energy to the body. They serve as perfect and healthy breakfast for working women , people with busy schedules, which have no time to prepare breakfast and specially for growing children. They can also be enjoyed by all age groups to pamper ones taste buds during festive season and special occasions.

These traditional winter delicacy are very nutritious and healthy as this recipe uses Almonds which are good source of Iron, copper, phosphorus and vitamin B1, Walnuts which are rich in Omega - 3 fatty acids which help in reducing triglycerides, Dry Palm dates / Kharik / Chuaara which help in increasing heamoglobin level and also help in gaining weight ,  Edible Gum / Gaundh / Dink which is said to strengthen the backbones , Poppy seeds which contain good levels of minerals like iron, copper, calcium, potassium, manganese, zinc and magnesium , Dried Ginger possesses many therapeutic properties, it has a potent antioxidant effect as well as an anti- inflammatory effect.The Laddoos are sweetened using Jaggery and flavoured with Cardamom- Nutmeg powder. 

Ingredients for Dry Fruits Laddoo: Yields approximately 60 medium size laddoos.
  • Dry Palm dates / kharik / Chuaara powder - 250 gm
  • Dry coconut / Khopra - 250 gm
  • Almonds - 150 gm
  • Walnuts - 150 gm
  • Poppy seed / Khus khus powder - 150 gm
  • Edible Gum / gaund / Dink - 150 gm
  • Ghee - 250 gm
  • Jaggery - 200 gm
  • Dry ginger / Saunth powder- 2 tsp
  • Cardamom- Nutmeg powder - 2 tsp
  • Milk- 1/4 bowl

   Lets see step wise how to prepare this traditional winter delicacy: 
  1. Make coarse powder of dry coconut using a mixer grinder , Grate the Jaggery . Dry Palm date is called Kharik in marathi and chuaara in hindi and is available in Indian grocery shops, They have to be deseeded and made into powder in grinder. Many shops will even provide powdered form. 

     2.  Take 3-4 tsp ghee in a non stick pan and fry edible Gum/ goand  . Now grind it into powder using mixer.

   3.  Chop the Almonds and Walnuts roughly or grind them coarsely. Now using 2-3 tsp ghee roast them in a pan.

  4.  Similarly fry the Coconut powder and dry Palm Date powder in the same pan using generous amount of ghee . 

  5.  Mix all the roasted dry fruits Powder ( Walnuts, Almonds and dry Palm dates) , Coconut and Poppy seed powder, powdered Gum, Cardamom- Nutmeg powder and dry Ginger in a vessel.
  6. Now take the remaining ghee in the pan and add crushed jaggery to it. let the jaggery melt and then add milk to make a smooth paste.

   7.   Add the ingredients from step 5 into this melted Jaggery syrup slowly and blend it well.

    8. Let the mixture cook for 1-2 minutes more on low flame and put off the gas. let the mixture cool down . It will turn a little thick on cooling. Now take small portion and roll out into ball shape laddoo using your palm .

   9.  Repeat the same for rest of the mixture. Roll out all the Laddoos and keep them on a plate and later store them in air tight container. The above quantity of ingredients yields approximately 60 medium sized laddoos.

   10.  Can press Cashew Nuts on each laddoo to make them more rich and appealing !

    11. Enjoy them with a glass of warm milk for breakfast or as a perfect dessert after meals.


  1. Hi,

    Nice recipe,Very nutritious.

    Kindly suggest how long do these ladoos stay good stored at room temperature or do they need to be refrigerated.


    1. Thanks for your positive feed back Varsha. These ladoos stay good for about 15-20 days at room temperature. If you wish to keep them for long, better to refrigerate .

  2. Thanks for sharing such beautiful information with us. I hope you will share some more information about fruits. Please keep sharing.
    Health Is A Life