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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Apple Rabadi

Apple Rabadi

 Today is Mother's Day,  a day to salute and honour motherhood by thanking all the mommies for their unconditional love and selfless services. Though any mum in the world would just be happy to hear "I love you Mom " one can make her feel special by cooking some yummy food for her. Here's a very simple yet delicious dessert you can try out to delight your mom this Mother's Day !

 Apple Rabadi is a very delicious dessert made from evaporated milk and Apple. It is very easy to make, requires minimal ingredients and tastes divine.  Rabadi itself is very rich and sweet apples along with cardamom and nutmeg make it more flavorful. The addition of nuts give it a nice crunchy and nutty flavor . This dish also serves great option during Vrat ( fast) and as an alternative to regular kheer.

  • 2 medium size red Apples
  • 1 liter milk ( I have used fresh Cow milk)
  • 5-6 tsp Sugar
  • Nuts of your choice for garnishing ( I have used Pistachio and Almonds)
  • Cardamom and Nutmeg powder- 1/4 tsp 
Method :
  1. In a deep nonstick pan or wok, bring the milk to boil.

   2.  Now lower the flame and let the milk reduce to half its quantity. Keep stirring and scrapping the sides of the pan in between.  Add sugar and cook for 4-5 minutes. You may use ready made condensed milk in this recipe to reduce time and efforts.

   3.   Take 2 medium size red sweet Apples , wash and grate them . Try not to peel the Apple as it has good amount of fibre. Sour Apples may split the Rabadi so try to select sweet red Apples for the recipe. Add the Apples immediately to the reduced milk (Rabadi) after grating , otherwise they may turn brown .

  4.  Now cook for 2-3 minutes more and turn off the flame.  Do not keep the milk boiling for long after addition of Apples as this may lead to curdling of milk. Add Cardamom and nutmeg powder and nuts of your choice and serve. Nuts give nice nutty and crunchy flavor to this Apple Rabadi. Garnish with thin slices of Apples. You may have it hot or cold depending upon your choice . My family loves it chilled. 

  • Select sweet red Apples for the recipe as sour Apples may curdle the Rabadi.
  • Can use ready made condensed milk to save time and efforts. 
  • Amount of sugar to be added depends on how sweet the apples are.
  • If using condensed milk, reduce the amount of sugar.
  • Can use honey or brown sugar as sweetener..

Wishing all the Mommies and Grand mommies a very Happy and Yummy Mother's Day !

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